Current Mentees

Maneesha Agarwal, MD

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  • 2021 – present

Dr. Agarwal is the new Chair of PEMPix, the AAP Section on Emergency Medicine’s visual diagnosis competition. I am mentoring her in taking over the competition as well as in developing a social media focused educational campaign on Instagram. I also assist her with social media dissemination of her injury prevention acitivites.

Joshua Belfer, MD

  • Current Position: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, Columbia New York
  • 2020 – present

I am one of Dr. Belfer’s primary research mentors. Our work together is focused on developing a Systematic Online Academic Resource (SOAR) Review of FOAM materials in pediatric respiratory illnesses. We are collaborating with Andrew Grock, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine from UCLA. Dr. Grock is one of the key members of the METRIQ collaborative and Academic Life in Emergency Medicine contributor, who pioneered the SOAR review process. Dr. Belfer has also recently started a podcast of his own entitled “Doctors are People Too” in which he interviews medical professionals about their careers and accomplishments.

Rebecca Carson, DNP, APRN, CPNP-PC/AC

  • Current Position: Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Pediatric Acute Care Online Program at Catholic University of America (Washington D.C.)
  • Previous Position: Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Services Cincinnati Children’s
  • 2019 – present

Rebecca is one of the first Advanced Practice nurses to develop a podcast-focused educational platform, The Peds NP podcast ( I am continuing to mentor Rebecca in the creation and promotion of her educational offerings including a national invited presentation (NAPNAP 2022) and an accepted manuscript on the creation of a podcast for asynchronous NP students. She was recently awarded the 2022 Johns Hopkins Alumni Dean’s Award for outstanding nurse educator.

Cindy Chang, MD

  • Current Position: Fellow, Division of Emergency Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s
  • 2021 – present

I am one of Dr. Chang’s faculty mentors. We have worked on several projects, most notably an effort to train and assess children aged 8 to 12 years in the application of tourniquets to control hemorrhage. I have also mentored Cindy in the creation of digital scholarship (podcasts, infographics, and more), and offer regular assistance as she continues to build her educational niche in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

James Gray, MB, BCh, MEd

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s
  • Previous Position: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, Cincinnati Children’s
  • 2018 – 2021

I was Dr. Gray’s primary research mentor during PEM fellowship. Our work together included a scoping review focused on the current understanding and best practices of knowledge and research dissemination in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Emergency Medicine using asynchronous online means. Dr. Gray has been an active member in the PECARN Dissemination Working Group and served as their website redesign champion, assisted in the development of a new PECARN study repository with Academic Life in Emergency Medicine, and a regular contributor to the EMSC Innovation & Improvement Center. He was newly elected as the co-chair of the PECARN Dissemination Working Group in February 2023. I have also mentored Dr. Gray in the creation of blog posts, podcasts and videos highlighting new research in Pediatric Emergency Medicine. An example of the content we created together, highlighting the work of Schnadower et al. in a randomized controlled trial of probiotics in gastroenteritis in children are noted below:

Blog post
Should we be prescribing probiotics for gastroenteritis?
December 13, 2018 /

A discussion about probiotics for gastroenteritis with David Schnadower
December 12, 2018 /

A concise video synopsis of David Schnadower’s study on probiotics in gastroenteritis from the New England Journal of Medicine
December 17, 2018

I mentored Dr. Gray in the production and editing of these three forms of asynchronous content, as well as additional work with colleagues in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s, a cross-institutional initiative with the University of Michigan to create a conference format that teaches attendees how to assesses the quality of blogs and podcasts (FOAM Club), as well as work with podcast production for the 2019 AAP National Conference and Exhibition.

Laura Rochford, MD

  • Current Position: Instructor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Colorado Children’s & Director of Resuscitation
  • 2020 – present

Dr. Rochford is one of our former Pediatric Residents and is now faculty at Children’s Colorado. I am offering advice as she works to build a website for their resuscitation area akin to my longstanding efforts at Cincinnati Children’s as well as a video orientation to their resuscitation area.

Ashish Shah, MD, MEd

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego
  • Previous Position: Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellow, Cincinnati Children’s
  • 2017 – present

I am a secondary mentor on Dr. Shah’s project to develop a virtual reality intervention to teach the circulatory assessment to residents. I produced and edited a training video for the study. I also mentored Ashish on various types of digital scholarship, including website development, writing blog posts, and crafting an educator portfolio.

Jason Woods, MD

  • Current Position: Associate Professor, Division of Emergency Medicine, Colorado Children’s
  • 2016 – present

I serve as a career mentor for Dr. Woods. We have regular telephone and video chat meetings and have presented multiple workshops and plenaries together, including at the AAP National Conference and Exhibition and at the annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellows Conference. Jason is now an Associate Program Director for the Emergency Medicine Fellowship program at Colorado Children’s and served as the Co-Chair of the PECARN Dissemination Work Group.